The Nuventus team is here to help you achieve your goals
What we do.

We are a US based Patent firm and we can help you write and file your patent
application in the United States and at the World Intellectual Property Organization
Our Process

Nuventus helps you select the best intellectual property product for your
application and state of development. We use your invention disclosure to
help you develop and file for patent protection. We can also help you
develop a strong business and commercialization plan so that you can
reduce your time to market.

Nuventus has the experience to help you with many of the issues
confronting a new business.  Our extensive experience with regulatory,
engineering and commercialization issues can help you avoid mistakes.

Nuventus can help you monetize your idea. To achieve your goals we
recommend a simple and straight forward process. Please feel free to view
Founder Joel Douglas’s YouTube video series on Proven Ways to Create
and Protect Intellectual Property.
Creating Protecting and
Understanding Intellectual

A Nuventus consultant is
there at each step of the
process. From filing a basic
United States provisional
patent to the nonprovisional
patent, World Intellectual
Property Organization
Patent Cooperation Treaty
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Nuventus can help you with
product design, marketing,
sales, Indiegogo and
Kickstarter campaigns,
business plans, and
financial models

Nuventus can help you with
prior art searches, website
development, and
intellectual property

Nuventus can help you
with all aspects of
product development
through our consulting
partner network of
engineers and designers

Nuventus can assist you
with your Food and Drug
Administration 510(k)
and Unique Device
How to Monetize
Intellectual Property - An
Introduction to Intellectual
Proven Ways to Create
and Protect Intellectual
Property Steps 2 and 4
Proven Ways to Create
and Protect Intellectual
Property Step 5
Proven Ways to Create
and Protect Intellectual
Property  Steps 6 - 8   
Proven Ways to Create
and Protect Intellectual
Property The Final
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