The Nuventus Methodology


A New Idea Is Hatched

The First Step In Our Methodology Starts With You.

You saw a problem or a pain point and it spurred a strong desire to solve it.  You worked endlessly to find a unique solution or maybe you had a eureka moment.  Either way a new idea was hatched.


Is Your Idea Patentable?

Patentability is dependent on multiple factors that are explained in the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure.  Through our years of operation we have met several clients that did not take the time to ask the simple question: "Is my idea patentable?"  After you have thought of your idea, this should be the first question answered as it will save you time, money, and heartaches.

To determine if your invention qualifies for a patent application, we walk you through an exercise that determines if your invention is a:

-Software                      -Formula

-Recipe                          -Design

-Machine                       -Process

-Manufacture                -Composition of Matter

-Business Method


Research the Marketplace

So your invention has passed the 35 U.S.C. 101 test for patentable subject matter?  That is the first of many steps in the right direction but the determination of whether or not you will receive a patent does not end there.  Now it is time to look into the public domain and figure out if anyone has published, sold, or used your invention in the past.  If someone has already invented the same exact invention and is publicly selling, using, or has published it, then you will not receive a patent.  In other words, it was already invented therefore you can not patent it.  It is your duty to disclose this information to Nuventus practitioners as it will save you time and capital moving forward.


Document Your Invention

Documenting your invention can be a difficult task. Our practitioners can not read the client's mind.  This was one of the main reasons why we developed The Nuventus Methodology.  At this stage in our process, we guide you through documenting your invention in a format that allows our practitioners to understand the unique aspects of the invention and also saves them time which in turn saves you money.  Most firms bill the highest number of hours at this stage but at Nuventus this is where we save our clients the most dollars as our methodology directs the inventor to the most efficient manner of documenting his/her invention.  This provides our practitioners a format that decreases the amount of time to understand the invention.  Step 4 of our Methodology is particularly important as it sets the stage for the later steps.


Nuventus Performs a Prior Art Search

We always highly recommend that our clients have a prior art search performed on their invention.  It is an additional cost but a necessary one.  When you make an investment on a home or company, the first thing you do is research the different aspects of that investment to ensure that it will flourish and provide a return on investment.  Prior art searches (PASs) can be viewed in the same manner.  A PAS provides insight into the current patents, and publications on similar inventions and supply our practitioners with the leverage needed to know how to work around the prior art.  If we do not know the prior art, then it is obviously very hard to do this.  Again, this is where Nuventus saves our clients on cost, and even receiving a rejection from the USPTO.


You and Nuventus Adjust Your Invention

As we mentioned before, a prior art search provides our practitioners with insight.  In this stage, our practitioners use that insight to develop a strategy on how we can improve your invention to increase its likelihood of receiving a patent grant.  The question that needs to be answered at this stage is: What needs to be added or improved on your invention that will allow it to be non-obvious and novel?  We receive several inventors that have filed IP with other firms and have not had a prior art search completed nor adjusted the invention to avoid the prior art.  This strategy by competing firms spells disaster for the client by increasing cost, hurting the resulting business, and several times ends with a rejected patent.  At Nuventus we offer this stage in our methodology as historically in our practice, it has provided the most value to clients and has proven to be the difference between and rejected patent and a granted patent.  Our goal is always to gain a granted patent for our clients.

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Nuventus Drafts and Files Your Invention At The USPTO After Your Review and Approval

Drafting a patent application is an art that requires an understanding of the USPTO laws and practice.  Our practitioners are well versed in USPTO laws but more importantly are top-notch claim drafters.  By following our methodology, steps 1-6 lead the client through a series of steps that helps our practitioners focus less on drafting the specification of the patent application and more on claim drafting strategy.  Using your pseudo specification and figures, from step 4, Nuventus practitioners create the patent application and file it at the USPTO after your review and approval.


Nuventus Prosecutes Your Patent Application

At this point, your patent application has been submitted by Nuventus to the USPTO and is awaiting an office action from the examiner.  Be assured that we are with you through the entire patenting process.  Our practitioners prosecute your patent application at the USPTO based on the response from the examiner.  Our goal is to ensure you receive the strongest IP possible at the lowest cost and ensure you have the best chance to get your patent approved.


USPTO Gives Their Final Decision

The final decision on whether or not your application receives a grant rests upon the examiner.  Nuventus practitioners will prosecute the application to ensure it complies with all the statutes and criteria laid out in the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure.  Our process increases your probability of receiving a patent grant at the lowest cost in the U.S.

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