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Nuventus Design Patent Application Process

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Design Patent Application

$ 400 +USPTO Fees
  • Get Patent Pending Status For the look of your invention.
  • 7 Professional Patent Drawings Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, and Perspective Views
  • One Simple Claim
  • USPTO Fees Include: Basic Filing Fee, Search Fee, & Examination Fee

D427312 Combined blood sampling device and meter_Page_4

Design Patents Infographic


Additional Fees Info

Nuventus has the most competitive pricing in the industry, but occasionally we do charge for extra work on our part to prepare an application.  The extra work for utility applications is based off of several factors such as additional pages beyond our 20 page maximum, or preparing patent figures.  See our pricing for additional work below along with our recommendations to avoid the extra fees.


  • Each additional independent claim (>3): $90 + USPTO Fees.
  • Each additional claim (>20): $50 + USPTO Fees.
  • Each additional page (>20): $199 / Page
  • Figure drafting: $65 / Hour
  • All other additional work: $95 / Hour


  • The USPTO provides guidelines on the number of claims and pages you are allowed before you are hit with excess fees.  The safest route, is to stay within our recommended limitations for claims, and pages.
  • Nuventus strives to lower our prices to be affordable and competitive.  One way to do this is to have our clients do their own drawings.  This will save us time and save you money!

Additional Information on USPTO Fees

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