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Design Patent Application

  • Send us your design

    Send us your design.

  • Nuventus reviews your design

    Nuventus reviews your design.

  • Nuventus prepares and files your application after approval by you

    Nuventus prepares and files your application after approval by you.

  • If allowed by the USPTO you receive patent protection for 15 years

    If allowed by the USPTO you receive patent protection for 15 years.

Not Sure if this is the Right Application for You? Scroll Down Below to See Our Infographic and Learn More! Additional Fees May Apply. Learn how to keep the fees down below!

Design Patent Application

$549 USD + USPTO Fees

Get Patent Pending Status For the ornamental design (appearance).

7 Professional Patent Drawings Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, and Perspective Views From your 3D model.

One Simple Claim

USPTO Fees Include: Basic Filing Fee, Search Fee, & Examination Fee.

Nuventus LLC

Design Patents Infographic

Invention Designs

What Is a Design Patent?

A design patent protects the way an invention looks. It will only protect the appearance of the invention.

Nuventus LLC

How Long Does a Design Patent Last?

Design patents have a term of 15 years unlike utility patents which have a term of 20 years.

Nuventus LLC

No Maintenance Fees You Say?

The USPTO does not require maintenance fees for Design patents.

Nuventus LLC

What Is The Difference Between Design and Utility Patents?

Design patents can't explain how the invention is assembled or stop someone from making the invention if they make it with a different exterior shape.

Additional Fee Information

Nuventus flat fee structure provides high quality IP preparation and prosecution at competitive pricing. However, we do charge for items not included in our standard packages. The additional charges for Design patent applications include: preparing 3-D models of your invention or more than one hour of phone calls. Follow our recommendations below to avoid the extra fees.

Design application Additional Charges

Figure drafting: $65 / Hour

All other additional work: $95 / Hour


Nuventus strives to keep prices affordable and competitive. One way to do this is to have our clients do their own drawings. This will save us time and saves you money!

Follow the link for more info on USPTO fees.

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