Nuventus LLC

Areas of Practice

In vitro and in vivo Medical devices

The products include injectable cancer treatments, ICU glycemic control, Blood glucose monitoring equipment and disposables, catheters, opthalmic devices, dry eye treatments, nail fungus treatment, medical software, hand sanitation products and monitoring device, elder care products, mobility devices, control solutions, drug delivery devices.


Patents for agricultural technology related devices and processes.


Fitness trackers, health monitors, therapeutic devices.

Energy and Clean energy field

We have worked on carbon-based fuels, hydro power equipment, Li-ion batteries and charge controllers, Fuel Cells, nuclear fuel assemblies and engine and fuel controls.

Semiconductor, MEMs, Nanotechnology

Carbon nanotube formulations and nanotechnology, microfabrication techniques.

Wireless technologies

Internet of things (IoT), wireless devices, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, wearables.

Software Technologies

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, block chain technologies, smart device applications.


Security, platforms, mobile apps.

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